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Industrial Blower / Industrial Blower Fan Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Pune, Maharashtra

Industrial Blower Fan

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Our Excellent Fan Tech company is the best leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Industrial Blower Fan in Pune, MAHARASHTRA.

Features given by our company

We develop these fans by using different kinds of finest raw materials like aluminium, steel, industrial grade plastic, stainless steel, nickel-based alloy, carbon steel, etc. separately that must be suitable as per our client requirements.

Our Industrial Blower Fan suppliers in Pune procure them with a combination of latest technologies and properties to meet the specific criteria of our valuable clients.

Overview - Industrial Blower Fan

INDUSTRIAL BLOWER FAN is a kind of machine or equipment that accommodates huge or larger flow of gas or air to the different parts of the building or other variety of structures.

Their primary function is achieved by rotating the blades which are connected to the shaft and are driven or moved with the help of a turbine or motor.

They are basically used for the air circulation and cooling inside industrial machineries and HVAC systems, indoor areas, electronic tools or equipment, etc.

Properties Of It

  • Anti-Friction Bearings
  • Horizontal and Vertical Configurations
  • Easy Rotor Timing Setting
  • Large Inlet and Outlet Connection
  • Prevents Loss of Air
  • Higher Performance
  • Compact design

Functions Of Industrial Blower Fan

It performs numerous determined functions among which some of these are as follows -

Speed 3000 rpm
Diameter 3.5 Inch (Inlet and Outlet)
Supply Of Air 150-200 meter
Vacuum Pressure 260 M bar
Motor Rating 7.5 hp
Voltage 5.5 kW