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Bag Filter System Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in Bangladesh

Bag Filter System Manufacturers in Bangladesh, Suppliers, Exporters | Excellent Fan Tech

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We have many years of expertise and a good reputation as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the bag filter system, which is used in air pollution devices. The bag Filters system is thoroughly installed in the pulse jet bag, and the automated bag aids in bias cleaning by compressed air surges. The filter may transport dust and is simple in terms of collecting efficiency at high temperatures.

These filter bags are used in manufacturing. We Excellent Fan Tech are successfully positioned among the leading manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of bag filter systems. We construct the bag filter system in a quality and standard manner, allowing us to give you lengthier service in numerous nations and locations such as Pune. India, Maharashtra Nepal, UAE, Bangladesh, and Dubai. This unit is designed with a pulse jet bag filter to give you excellent, long service life and compact, internal replacement. We are India's leading Bag Filter Manufacturer.

Bag Filter System Definition :

Bag filter, fabric filter, and baghouse filter are all terms used to describe the Bag Filter System. This is a sort of dust collector and air pollution control equipment. These systems employ commercial technologies to remove gases or particulate particles from the air.

They are used to filter and clear liquids or fluids that include minute quantities of dust particles.


  • Versatility
  • Flexibility In Performance
  • Greater Efficiency For Dust Collection
  • Modular Designing
  • Convenient Assembly
  • Gentle Cleaning Action
  • Less Maintenance Needed

The Bag Filter Systems Properties:

Our Product Provides the Following Advantages

  • Performance Versatility and Flexibility
  • Improved Dust Collection Efficiency
  • Modular Design Easy Assembly Gentle Cleaning Action Less Maintenance Required

Working Principle Of It

These baghouse filters work at particular principles for performing their task. When the gas consisting of dust is passed from the filter media the dust gets rested on its surface and the clean air is discharged or removed out through the gaps present in the filter media or medium.


Power 6 kW
Flow Of Air 15000 m3/Hour
Bag Type Non-Woven
Filtration Rate 5 Micron
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Static Pressure 50-1500 mm WG


1What exactly is a bag filtration system?

A bag, also known as a bag, bag holder or fabric collector, is a pollution control device and equipment used to filter airborne particles or gases produced by the business.

2What is the distinction between a bag filter and an ESP?

ESPs perform best when there is a lot of airflow. However, baghouse technology has progressed over the years, and longer bags and better cleaning technologies are now available. Bag filters are more efficient at collection: traditional bag filters are 99.9% efficient, while ESPs are 98% - 99% efficient.

3What are the benefits of using a bag filter?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Industrial Bag Filters The movement of the bags within a baghouse aids in the removal of dust that has accumulated on the surface of the filter, hence maintaining ideal airflow. When dealing with abrasive dust particles, bag filters outlast cartridge filters.

Also we are Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Industrial Blower, and Bag Filter System in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, UAE